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Ras Frostwhisper by Naixthras Ras Frostwhisper by Naixthras
As i haven't had some new shots in quite a while, i was thinking i should dig through my old archive to find some older pictures. I was thinking: What would people like to have around?

Dragons, of course. But they aren't just that easy to get pictures of. It's not likely that i will go: Hey Onyxia! Smile for me please? *Horrible sound of gurgling death*

Since people like the undead, i found the screenshot on one of the few Liches in the game.

This is Ras Frostwhisper from the Scholomance instance.
He took his own life for the sake of the Lichking, and for the creation and planning of the Scourge of Lordaeron.
Headmaster of the Scholomance school, he trains warlocks and minions for the continuation of the Scourges unstoppable reign through the western and eastern plaguelands.
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Rabenstolz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
gotte love me some liches^^
I prefer the design from WC-III, but come on, liches rock^^
Naixthras Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
The design from WC3 sure is more interesting and feels more dark. I wish they had some more skins on the liches in Wow, but hey: They are awesome anyway. ^^

Sometimes you almost wish you were dead. ;D
Rabenstolz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
What do you mean with "sometimes"?
I´d join the Scourge...only because of Kel Thuzad.

I think "Lich" as a hero class would be a great idea^^
I´d definetely play one^^
Naixthras Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
Well, the fact that things starts to fall off of you does kinda suck. =P It's not a pleasant transformation.

Lich would be awesome as a hero class, but as we already have Deathknights, Necromancers or liches will be outruled. If they only make characters related to death, it would be rather dark after a while. xD

Ive read that the next hero class is either gonna be Melee/caster hybrid. Either that or Ranged/caster. Though it was just thoughts of the blizzard team. Changes would occur, of course.
Rabenstolz Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009
Well, as a lich you don´t have that many things that cna fall off.
You basically have the upper body of a sceleton and somewhat claw-like arms, two sets of chain on each arm and a floating...skirt.
(well, and a strange thing on your head and back)

I think the most likely class would be something that Horde and Alliance can play and relate to.
I´d vote for a caster-type.
Archmage sounds like a solid deal, especially with the new Dalaran.
then again, a blademaster as once rumored would sound terribly exciting - as did the rumor for the new pandaren race.

I had a discussion with my sister; if the Pandarens do become a new race, they´ll join the Horde: What race could the Alliance get? I don´t think there´s any good left - except the High Elves, but that seems rather unlikely.
Naixthras Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
That's true. Pandaren are kinda bonded with Horde, but they are still kind of outsiders. But the lore moves on i guess, so it wouldn't surprise me.

Think about it though. There are a lot of casters and a lot of melee dps... but only one ranged dps that isn't spell based.
So a hero class like "Ranger", "Scout", "Warden" or "Sentinel" would not surprise me a bit. I doubt classes like "Bard", "Brewmaster" and "Beastmaster". Beastmaster is too close to the Hunter.

As when it comes to a new race for the Alliance, I think you have to read the Wow roleplaying game to find something fitting. I actually have to do some research on that part. ^_^
Rabenstolz Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009
But I think Warden and Sentinel are too much night-elf based and that would be pretty biased.

I liked the april joke about Bard...If they included more instruments than guitars, I´d play one.
Well....leathercrafters can make drums, I just never had the nerve to actually farm enough leather to raise my leather-profession skill to that level.

About the race sister and I had a huge discussion about that one and I wound up re-structuring the entire game.
If you leave out BC (especially the draenai....I´m not very fond of them you could say) you have four races each.
Human Dwarf Gnome Nightelf
Orc Troll Tauren Undead

kinda makes sense.

One part I really like about being a druid (besides shapeshifting, boomkin, etc.) is that the inter-fraction teamwork with taurens and nightelves. They have no logical reason to hate each other (at least as far as I know - my knowledge is mostly based on WCIII and a few wikipedia entries) - so, why not work together?
Why not let Nightelves join the horde?

Both races (Tauren and Nightelves) care about the earth a lot, both are "nature-based" instead of arcane...they´d make an awesome team.
Then, trolls. I don´t see why Nightelves would fight Trolls (if you leave the horde and orc side out of it)
I think they could get along.

And undead....undead hate all the living. I think blizzard only made them join the horde, because
a) undead are awesome and have to included in the game
b) putting them in the alliance with the humans would be extremely bad taste
-> undead don´t care about the horde very much, I think.
They hate and envy the living. I don´t really see them getting along with any other race. The forsaken should be more of a third fraction.

The only obstacle in the nightelf=horde deal is the orcs. Orcs are the mainpart, the heart of the horde - without them , thee is no horde.
Nightelf and Orcs don´t get along, because orcs "invaded" kalimdor, chopped down trees and killed Cenarius.
If they could work that out, they could work together.
It seems petty, but then the fractions would also be more continent-based.
I don´t know why the alliance let the nighelves join - they don´t have that much history together as far as I know.

OK, I may be biased, because I wanted the Highelves to be part of the alliance - the human-dwarf-elfd trinity.
(I´m not very fond of gnomes either....I´m a firm alliance player, yet despise two of its races....weird)

With that classification you´d have the "modernly civilized", arcane wielding races in one fraction, the "feral, rue nature power" in the other.
And the the third undead fraction had to be extended - not just normal "human" undeads, more races (like in WC III) maybe banshees, necromancers.....

Then each fraction could get the own hero classes:
Deathknight for the undead
Archmage for the alliance
Blademaster for the horde

...of course you could get more hero classes (yes, like in WC III....which is another plot to bring the beloved liches into that. The old hero classes could get recycled

Wow....that was surprisingly easy to map out. And to me it actually makes sense.
Naixthras Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009  Student Artisan Crafter
The Sentinel class is deeply rooted into elven history, therefore it could be used by more races than the normal player would think.

Trolls use it, Nightelves use it, Bloodelves use it, High elves use it...
But we don't see it, because we don't notice it.
Sentinels is a class based on the ability to fight with dagger like weapons and blades, and specificly the sentinel weapon the Double blade. Just because Nightelves picked up the thought of using it as their main ability dosen't mean that they are a pure Nightelf class. The same comes to Blademaster. Orcs picked it up, but anyone could learn it.

A little clearance on the subject: Who uses dual bladed weapons?
Troll Shadow shamans, Nightelf warriors of all kinds, Bloodelf Spellbreakers, highelf rangers.

The Demon hunters could be based off it too, but including them would be far fetched. They are a bit off in their own corner of the class, going: "I want to do it MY way!" :P

Though, as a HERO class, i can't really connect it. I don't know any real Heroes in WC3 that were pure Sentinel based.

The warden though, i think you are right. The warden class is a bit far off, but as Blizzard has already said it's a "maybe", it can't be ruled out.

Nightelves are only held back by the whole thing that happened with Cenarius. I doubt that they would leave that behind, but i get your point. It's the same thing around with taurens. I haven't heard or read about one bad thing of tauren history that have made them clash with the Alliance.

If it wasn't for Thralls help, they wouldn't have joined the Horde, and that's the only thing that keeps them there. The vow to help their "brethren" in the alllied forces of the Horde.

Out the perspective of their everyday life, Taurens would fit in to the Alliance just as good as Nightelves ever will.
It's just that... Thrall snagged them first. xD
Nightelves are in the Alliance as they had a common enemy with human kind: The burning legion. And as the humans and nightelves both wanted them dead, and that it all happened on nightelf land, no wonder they are in the alliance.

I can't remember why the Bloodelf joined the Horde, but hell, i do know why they didn't join the Alliance.
The humans sent no reinforcements at all in aid to help them when Arthas came parading through, and after a thousand year truce, no wonder they got pissed and... twisted. xD
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